Thursday, April 13, 2006

Run! Run! Run! Go Faster!

That was my favorite of the many cheers heard on Tuesday from 2 of AshLee's fans, little sisters Payton and Riley. With the support of her cheering squad, Ash took home 4 first place finishes, including one in the 800, pictured here.

Ash and teammate Vicky Hokenson pushed each other to personal bests in the 800, with Ash winning in 2:25.8.

AshLee won a tight race against Orofino's Ellen Rouse in the 100, winning in 12.7. The 200 wasn't quite as close, Ash ran a 26.2 to win there. And once again, her teammates gave her a big lead in the 4x400 relay, allowing her to cruise to victory to finish the day.

I've been informed by my special correspondents that I left out the most important part of the story about the meet on March 30: it ran long and it got dark before the meet ended. And there are no lights at Vollmer Bowl. So apparently the only part of the 4x400 relay that anyone could really see was when the athletes flashed by right in front of the bleachers in the home stretch. Sorta like that scene in Seabiscuit where they trained him in the dark. LOL!

AshLee was named Prep Athlete of the Week by the Lewiston tv station this week. She did an interview with them yesterday and was featured on last night's 6 o'clock news. I'm working on getting a tape. You can see the plaque they awarded her here.

The next meet is Saturday in Moscow at 10 a.m.


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