Monday, March 13, 2006

Track starts Saturday!

Yep, it's that time of year again! AshLee's track season officially starts this Saturday, March 18th in Lewiston. I've decided to do a track blog this season as an easy way to keep friends and family updated on how her season is going. I'll try to post at least once a week with pictures, results and links to any "press clippings" she gets this year (for anyone who's new to blogs, the highlighted bits of text are clickable links). Boy, Ash is really going to kill me for this! Oh yeah, I've set up the comments so anyone can leave one, you don't have to be a registered blogger user.

About the name: last year when Ash started winning everything all the time, we started overhearing other people at meets talking about "that AshLee Rey girl" and it always made us giggle.

Ash is running for Lewiston High School this year. They are the Bengals and their colors are purple and gold, so we're figuring we can get some extra wear out of all that Husky gear. As for college, she wants to go to EWU and study forensics. Eastern has a brand new Washington State Patrol crime lab on campus and their forensics program is top notch. She's in touch with the EWU track coaches and is currently trying to figure out a good date for a campus visit with them.

Check out Lewiston Bengal Track and Field for this season's schedule and other info about the Lewiston team. And finally, if you have a fast internet connection, check out the Bandanna Running website and click on the 2006 Bandanna Idaho Prep Annual. It's a 64 page magazine so it takes a few minutes to download, but there's a picture of our little AshLee winning the 400 at state last year with a little blurb about her "breakout season."


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